How Many Times A Day Do I Say The Word "HAIR"?

[January 3rd 2003]

A good friend of mine called to my attention once that I was always and perpetually using the "four-letter word", saying "Hair this..." and "Hair that..." He became so annoyed by it that he begged me to do something about it.  He got me eventually to change my references to: "the H-word show".  Now, when I do lapse and utter the actual title, I catch myself up short, as though I had said the "f-word". 

The H-word show has been a continually happening thing in my life.  Just last night I went to see a production in New York City at the Provincetown Playhouse where the NYU theater department put it on.  And I am just now beginning to work with the director of the upcoming national tour, Scott Schwartz.  I am meeting him Monday to begin spilling all I know about the inner workings of the piece.  One big mistake happening with regard to the show is that Tams-Witmark is not giving out the superior revised version of the script.  At last night's performance, the potential was hampered because of confusing textual material.  Some compensating choices were made that were unfortunate and undercut the climaxes.  (Mixed in with some very good work.)

HAIR (oops!) is unfortunately pretty darn relevant to now, and that came through loud and clear last night.  Regarding the dreadful world situation at this space and time in eternity, I want to pass on to you some remarkable words of wisdom and enlightenment from Swami Beyondananda. (In the Indian language, "ananda" means "bliss")

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