BULLETIN: HAIR Recording Nominated for Grammy

[December 19th 2005]

 On February 6th, 2006, the Grammy Awards happen, and HAIR has been nominated under category of SHOWS.  The particular recording that has caught the Grammy's attention is the one of the benefit for The Actors' Fund of America, held earlier in 2005.  All the talent of that very successful concert was assembled in a recording studio afterwards to produce what is a very interesting rendition.
Of particular note  are Tracks #7: DEAD END sung by Ana Gasteyer & Tribe - #8 : SHEILA FRANKLIN/I BELIEVE IN LOVE by Shoshana Bean & Tribe - #22: ELECTRIC BLUES by Toxic Audio, among many others.

It's in all big record stores now, with all proceeds going to the Actors Fund, for actors & stagecrews' assistance in time of need. Very worthwhile listening for HAIR fans.

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