Broadway Production of Hair
Website for the up coming production of Hair on Broadway 2009


A video of the french production at the Trianon theater in Paris, 2009

Hair the Musical, Ein projekt der oberstufe
German Hair website that sells Hair T-shirts.

Lyrics on Demand
Lyrics of LET THE SUNSHINE IN in German.

Hair Company Prague
A very nice Hair website from the Czech Repuplic.

Lyrics of all the songs.

The Hair Pages
Plot and musical numbers.

Anchorage, Alaska newspaper review of a 2007 production of HAIR.

Articles about the scandals about Hair.

Tams-Witmark agency
For information about rights to produce a HAIR show.

Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo
If you need to buy CD's, DVD's, T-shirt, collectibles or anything related to Hair.

Google, Yahoo, MSN
There are tons of picture of HAIR on the web.

Movies uploaded by the YouTube community.

Stills uploaded by the Flickr community.

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Jim's Journal

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[ June 24th, 2009 ]
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Time Out New York tribe pictures
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