November 22, 1963

Lydon B. Johnson (LBJ) becomes President of the United States, following John F. Kennedy's assassination.

February 1964

The Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. "British Invasion" begins.

Spring 1964

RAGNI and RADO meet, cast together in Musical Revue HANG DOWN YOUR HEAD AND DIE.

Late 1964

Chicago: RAGNI and RADO appear in "The Knack," begin working on HAIR.


Creation, creation, creation, rewrites, rewrites, rewrites...

Late 1966

They meet Galt MacDermot who starts to write music.

Early 1967

Ragni meets Joseph Papp on train. Papp takes HAIR script to read.

2 weeks later 1967

Papp wants HAIR as first production for Public Theater.

Summer 1967

Ragni & Rado meet Tom O'Horgan, want him to direct production - O'Horgan not immediately available. The Summer of Love.

October 18, 1967

HAIR opens at the Public Theater, directed by Gerald Freedman. The Fall of Love.

December, 1967

HAIR completes run at Public Theater; Michael Butler on board to produce HAIR at Cheetah Discoteque.

Early 1968

Ragni & Rado convince Butler to mount new production for Broadway.

Late March 1968

O'Horgan available. Rehearsals begin.

April 4, 1968

Death of Martin Luther King.

April 29, 1968

HAIR opens on Broadway at the Biltmore Theatre.

June 5, 1968

Death of Robert F. Kennedy

November 6, 1968

Election of Richard Nixon as President.

July 20, 1969

Man walks on the Moon.

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