New lyrics for HIPPIE LIFE song

[July 25th 2007]

To:  Michael Butler, as per your request...

How I love my hippie life
What a far-out triip
In my heart is love for others
All my sisters and my brothers

How I love my hippie life
Barefoot on cement
Brother can you spare a quarter
Care to share some marijuana  (or: Care to share some fresh spring water)

Oh, we're gonna change the world
At least we're gonna try
We're gonna take this low-down world
And make it high high high

Lift it up to see the light
Open up its heart
Try to end it's stress and strife
Turn it on to hippie life
How I love my hippie life

Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'

How I love my hippie life
What a far-out trip
We're gonna save the drinking water
Peace is just around the corner

All you singers and musicians come and join the tribe
We're gonna undulate this world
Until it feels the vibe

Open up and see the light
Let the sun shine in
Time to end your stress and strife
Turn you on to hippie life
How I love my hippie life

Happy Hopi hippie life
How I love my hippie life...

Michael - 
If you quote the lyric or use it in its entirety, please include the following about it:

This song was originally conceived for the movie of HAIR but was not used.  It had one melody at that time which Galt later replaced with a whole new one, much to the song's advantage.  I used Hippie Life in the European productions  from 1995-1999.  It caught on over there so much  that, if we did not include it in the body of the show, after the ending, LET THE SUN SHINE IN, the crowd would take up the chant HIPPIE LIFE HIPPIE LIFE HIPPIE LIFE...and make us do it as an encore.  We did it  with American Indian dancing and drumming.  It was dynamic and a real crowd pleaser.  HIPPIE LIFE or HOW I LOVE MY HIPPIE LIFE, lyrics by James Rado & Gerome Ragni
Music by Galt MacDermot.
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